Liam and Declan: two guys I'd want on my side in a bar fight.
  1. They have great hair.
  2. A priest once offered to exorcise the big one.
  3. The small one has survived a fall down 17 stairs, a sliced tendon surgery and this.
  4. I gave them this old school tmnt set and the big one made this.
  5. They're weirdly tall.
    And just weird.
  6. The big one can read at age 4.
  7. The small one can beat up 4 yr olds.
  8. They're usually up for pretty much anything.
  9. They spend at least an hour a day running laps inside the house and yelling.
  10. The big one knows more about animals than most adults I know and is usually pretending to be one.
  11. The big one is aggressively pedantic.
  12. The small one uses weird adult phrases like "of course" and "two minutes, mom".
  13. He also usually has some kind of facial bruising from jumping off things, etc.
  14. They very occasionally are not trying to beat each others senseless.
  15. The small one is reasonably terrified of large creatures.
  16. The big one is convinced he's the best at literally everything and will only concede he's slower than Usain Bolt.
  17. I grew them.
    So, obviously they're awesome.