Enjoy our descent into madness.
  1. Dover, NH to Pittsburgh, PA: 12 Hours
  2. We left at 7:15- just me and the kids for the first part of the trip.
  3. 3 stops- McDonalds playplace (🙌🏼), peeing on the side of the road (1 reason I love having boys), and gas.
    Dec dipped his chicken nuggets and apple slices in ketchup.
  4. First 30 minute detour- I wasn't paying attention OR google maps redirected me (I just can't say)
  5. Second detour- to avoid a 36 min backup we were rerouted through Pennsylvania Amish country, and it was amazing.
    Seriously one of the prettiest areas I've seen in PA. We saw a kid who couldn't have been more than 7 PLOWING A FIELD behind three horses. It made me want a simpler life.
  6. It was gorgeous.
  7. The kids made it SEVEN HOURS without iPads.
    This is mythical.
  8. Finally made it to Pgh and had dinner with old friends.
    Feels like home.
  9. Kids went to bed at 10pm. They'll sleep in, right?