"THE BIG TRIP" Day Two [🚙]

Pittsburgh, PA. I may have overbooked us.
  1. 6:05 wake up
    Because of course it was.
  2. 7:45 Breakfast Date with V's
    Took no pictures, discovered small child has high fever.
  3. 9:45 La Gourmandine
    So good.
  4. 10:15 Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
    Liam's favorite place. We used to go weekly.
  5. McK's met us there!
  6. This kid is definitely not himself.
  7. We're playing through the pain.
  8. 3:30 Play date at our old neighborhood playground.
    It looked much shittier than I remember, but it was our spot. Dec is fully miserable with a raging fever.
  9. Mom crew
  10. 4:45 Dinner at our old neighbors who are the best.
    Dec got to lay down, got some Advil from other old neighbors.
  11. And he's back.