Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. The first time I got drunk for real was also my first date with my husband.
  2. It was my senior prom.
  3. My friends parents went out of town so people could stay over at her house.
  4. We went there after the dance, changed into party clothes and thought we were super cool.
  5. I probably only had like 2 drinks.
  6. One was some kind of punch and I spilled it all over my white capris.
  7. The other was Mikes Hard Lemonade.
    The Zima of my generation.
  8. There were probably 30 of us asleep on her basement floor.
  9. My husband and I had our first kiss that night, but he doesn't remember it.
  10. It was his first time drinking ever. 🍻