And taking back to NH in the back of my van, apparently. A little side project with my mom while I'm in town.
  1. An entire set of Christmas dishes
    To collect dust alongside my mom's china.
  2. My old futon mattress.
  3. Several silver trays.
    For entertaining, obvs.
  4. Random holiday decor.
    Pumpkins, turkey, snowman.
  5. A box of files from my entire school career.
  6. A large toy fire truck.
    Driven by a tiny toy Yoda.
  7. A child sized rocking chair.
  8. So many random things.
  9. A turkey figurine the size of a basketball.
  10. Fishing pole and tackle box.
  11. More super old antique books.
    Including a 1939 copy of Gone With The Wind.
  12. A Sesame Street play set from 1989.