But did
  1. Become like my parents
    Anxious and sensitive meet quick tempered and judgmental. I got some good traits, too.
  2. Read A Song of Ice and Fire
    No regrets.
  3. Sleep train, use a toddler leash, yell at and/or ignore my kids.
    Everything child related. I knew nothing.
  4. Eat onions, mushrooms, mayonnaise, butter, etc.
    I'm a reformed picky eater.
  5. Live far away from home
    17 hours.
  6. Get rid of cable.
    I used to be a tv addict, but I only have a few shows I HAVE to watch now and am happier for it.
  7. Become co-dependent
    How can you not?
  8. Run for fun.
    I'm still not sure about this one.
  9. Stop being creative
    I miss being artistic. It's like a part of my personality is missing.
  10. Drive a minivan.
    Minivans are fucking amazing. Practical and I'm definitely cool enough to rock one.