Just realized this is my 100th list! 🍻
  1. Pros:
  2. Made it to 7am Mass, which is always 25 min shorter than 9am Mass
  3. Killed our household project to-do list
  4. Had time to reorganize the garage, which looks awesome now
  5. Got to take a nap
  6. Hubs got to tune up is bike and go for a ride
  7. Picked up used skis for the big kid
  8. It isn't even 4 yet!
  9. Cons:
  10. Had to sneak into kids room to change all the clocks, including big kid's watch, which he was wearing.
  11. Still woke up before 6.
    With a 5 am wake up of "Mom, I lost my watch!" "Go back to bed!"
  12. I was hungry for lunch at like 9:30am
  13. The kids seem to have more energy than normal.
  14. I'm ready for dinner at 3:42.
  15. The odds that 5:30 am wake ups will be the norm for several weeks are high.
  16. 😴