I went to see Bad Moms tonight with a moms group (movie: awesome, outing: ehh). It was classic new guy moves by me the whole way through.
  1. Rolled in late bc of overcommitting.
    Plus side, got a much needed haircut.
  2. Awkwardly pulled a chair up and attempted to make conversation with the 2 people I sort of knew who were there.
    These are not my people.
  3. Had to give chair back bc other table needed it and volunteered to walk over and save seats.
    For 10 people. On a preview night.
  4. Had awkward beer buying encounter at concessions.
    Popcorn for dinner bc of lateness.
  5. Spread belongings over 10 seats and had to guard them.
    They finally got there as the movie started.
  6. Semi tried to converse with one person I knew who was sitting next to me.
    She's either shy or hates me.
  7. Texted my only friend in town to complain and thank her for hanging out with me.
  8. Enjoyed movie.
    Kristen Bell is the best.
  9. Awkward small talk with other person I knew.
    She was friendly and did make an effort, but I don't think we're destined to be BFFs or anything.
  10. Quickly bailed before having to talk to others.
  11. We've been here 8 months. I need to find my people.