1. When I hear mariachi music, I immediately expect to be eating Mexican food.
    I literally start salivating. There better be chips and salsa.
  2. For many years after high school, any time I saw an authority figure, I checked to see if my shirt was tucked in.
    That's a demerit at Catholic school. Weird when it was a police officer.
  3. When I hear a young baby crying, I still have a phantom let-down feeling.
    Haven't nursed in 2 years.
  4. White noise immediately makes me fall asleep or at least get very, very tired.
  5. Ditto with the songs of Amos Lee.
    Specifically Black River and Bottom of the Barrel. So many hours singing and rocking crying babies.
  6. When I see Donald Trump, I feel nauseous.
    Hoping he'll be out of the news soon. 🙏