And it was kind of great.
  1. I joined a mom's group at church to meet people.
    A lot of them have kids at my son's school.
  2. It's been a slow warm up.
    Everyone else has been in the group for a bit.
  3. After our meeting on Thursday, one of the mom's invited everyone to Mass on Friday morning.
    I'm a cradle Catholic turned lapsed C&E Catholic, turned semi-regular churchgoer with several large theological disagreements.
  4. But I've never just gone to church on a non holy day weekday.
    It never even occurred to me.
  5. But as I sat in a crowded cry room with other nice, tired, shushing ladies in the same stage of life, I felt so at home.
    And also an arguably unchristian sense of pride that my kid was the best behaved one in there.
  6. It was such a refreshing start to the day, and I left, as always, with a sense of peace.
  7. So, I guess I recommend going to whatever place you find comfort or religion or peace.
    Even at an unusual time.
  8. And don't be afraid to invite your friends, they might like it.