Favorite Christmas Tv Episodes

What's your favorite Christmas themed television episodes? If possible include the Season and Episode # so I can watch them later 🌲📺
  1. Christmas Party Sex Trap- The Mindy Project
    Danny's dance moves. (Season 2. Ep 11)
  2. 'Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas' - Community
    Done in stop-motion animation. Very funny and well done. (S02E11)
    Suggested by   @franksars
  3. Ludachristmas, 30 Rock (S2E09)
    Liz's family comes to visit and Jack ditches Colleen for them, Mitch was in a really bad skiing accident
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  4. A Very Sunny Christmas - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    S6 E13. Probably as close to "touching" as Sunny ever gets, and hilarious for it
    Suggested by   @JongheeQ
  5. Christmas in the Car – Bob's Burgers
    (Season 4, Ep. 8)
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  6. The One with Ross's Step Forward, Friends (S8 E11)
    Ross freaks out when his girlfriend if a few months, Mona, suggests they send a holiday card together. "To sum up: we're having fun. You look young."
    Suggested by   @aleepetrucelli
  7. Flintstone's Christmas Carol
    Fred is already a Scrooge in real life so with this themed episode it really just flows.
    Suggested by   @cw12