Focus on the Good

What went well for you this week?
  1. Friendships renewed❤
    and having today off!!
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel
  2. I organized a social event after work, and it went really well! I got to know some coworkers a little better.
  3. FINALLY finished two very long audiobooks. ☺️
    Had them both since December 😬
    Suggested by   @angela3950
    Suggested by   @amieshmamie
  5. I made delicious, healthy breakfast muffins. (Banana oat chia flax seed almond flour maple)
    Suggested by   @sarahsolene
  6. Good therapy
    Suggested by   @bjnovak
  7. Gave my notice at a way-too-stressful job.
    Suggested by   @KUrbangirl13
  8. Relatively speaking, everything...
    Suggested by   @MMeanswell
  9. Found out my mother is cancer free after battling Breast Cancer. The chemo worked!!!!
    Suggested by   @cmschoder