My Favorite TVCouples

This is only a small slice of the couples that I love from TV.
  1. Dwayne and Whitley
    The wedding scene. "Baby, please." I can never NOT cry watching this.
  2. Jim and Pam
    The single best television love story ever told. The Office was meant to reveal the beauty of everyday lives (and the humor, too) and the build up to their happy ending was perfection.
  3. Martin and Gina
    Who doesn't want to laugh like them?
  4. Ross and Rachel
    Watch "The One with the Prom Video". You'll be glad you did.
  5. Schmidt and Cece
    Because they're getting married next season... And they both loved each other at different times. Their love story grew subtly, but when it bloomed 😍😍
  6. Danny and Mindy
    I love how their bitter hatred gradually turned to friendship. I love how their friendship gradually turned to love. And I love that they have found their match in each other.
  7. Jonah and Amy are the reason I watch Superstore
  8. Rainbow and Dre: Parenting goals
  9. Connor and Tracy: Chewing Gum