The Best Lessons My Students Taught Me

Thanks for my first request @Lindi ! I changed it a little... Couldn't think of any bad ones (maybe it's bc I miss them over winter break lol)
  1. Best: Be who you are and show them that you care.
    My favorite aspect of teaching is building relationships. Students must feel loved, accepted, and appreciated.
  2. Best: What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.
    This is a @gretchenrubin quote that I have in my classroom. It is a reminder for both me and my kiddos that there is purpose in the minutiae of school.
  3. Best: Be present
    And not just in terms of attendance. Be there & be aware.
  4. Best: Be over prepared.
    Have a plan A, B, C, D...etc.
  5. Best: Detours have purpose, too.
    Some of the "gems" in each class period come unexpectedly.
  6. Best: like what you do & they will too
    Students recognize and reciprocate genuine enthusiasm