1. 😂 - Laugh til you cry face gets lots of 'face'time but not a lot of credit for being an overall solid emoji choice. This guy is here for you when "lol" just doesn't cut it.
  2. 😁 - The nervous weirdo. I identify with this emoji about...uhh... 100% of the time. Spilled something? 😁. Accidentally told the waitress "you too!," after they say "enjoy your meal.," ? 😁. Generally just down right awkward and full of derp? 😁 this guy is always here for you.
  3. 🙌🏻 - Raise the roof is all about the good times. If I'm having fun, you best believe the roof is being raised to a higher level than the roof is typically at. Found a dollar? 🙌🏻 💰 Free donuts? 🙌🏻🍩 Have some alone time to reflect? 🙌🏻😁
  4. 😐 - The straight face. He is always there to tell it like it is. "Honey, can we watch golf?" 😐. "Do you like my new hair cut?" 😐. "What did you think about the new Miley Cyrus album?" ...😐.
  5. ✌🏻️ - Dueces is a versatile friend that is able to portray a variety of emotions. Peace! ✌🏻️ I'm out. ✌🏻️ We're breaking up. ✌🏻️ Oh...not a good idea through emoji?