Just an arbitrarily-timed celebration of my favorite things!
  1. Strangers who try to make me guess something about them
  2. The Eagles
  3. Taking it easy
  4. "Hotel California" and all the sentiments expressed therein
  5. Franzen
    Just: everything!
  6. People who correct other peoples' grammar
  7. The way Steven Tyler is
  8. "Pink" and late period Aerosmith in general
  9. All other periods of Aerosmith
  10. Artificial grape
  11. Artificial green apple
  12. Artificial cherry
  13. How we can all agree that the greatest American author is Ernest Hemingway
  14. The sparse, muscular prose of Ernest Hemingway
  15. Bubblegum flavor
  16. Blue raspberry, conceptually
  17. Mason jars as drinking vessel
  18. Hoppy beer
  19. Ben Affleck lately
  20. Gritty realism
  21. Socratic irony