7 Great Products for Hopelessly Pale Skin

Good news! Though the universe lurches inexorably toward its heat death, we can actually stave off (some of) the individual damage in our short, meaningless lives. Here are 7 products I've found indispensable for protecting my skin; I even arranged them on textiles and shit for you.
  1. 1.
    SPF Oil
    Having applied sunscreen every day for 15 or so years, I was resigned to gross off-orange stains on all my collars/sleeves/whatever touched sunscreened extremities... until I found sunscreen oil (not to be confused with tanning oil, which is like a delicious condiment for the sun's greedy rays). The main advantages oil has over traditional white 'screen are a faster and easier application (spray on and smooth), no stained clothes and no added white pallor to my already off-putting one.
  2. 2.
    Moisturizer with SPF
    One baseline everyday precautionary measure for pale people is a moisturizer with SPF. If you have a morning routine, apply in addition to/in place of regular moisturizer (some of us even reapply midday). It's ALWAYS a chill idea to find the right product for your skin type so, if you're able, please consult a dermatologist (not some blankly smug teen at Sephora or Internet lists made by strangers). Mine pointed me to EltaMD, which makes great unisex products for a variety of skin types.
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    Tinted SPF
    For those who do wear makeup (sheer coverage on up), consider a tinted moisturizer. I use this but, to be clear, it's a generous use of "tint"--which is fine because it works equally well under other layers (like foundation). Be warned, though: layering a random foundation without SPF over something with SPF may result in "pilling," so you can also use a...
  4. 4.
    Foundation with SPF
    For makeup-wearers, find a foundation (or BB cream) that already includes SPF. Knowing your skin type is critical when choosing a foundation; for dry/sensitive skin like mine, MAC's Mineralize is great because it has its own layer of sun protection (a scant but helpful 15) and glides on seamlessly over heavier-duty stuff.
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    Eye gel/cream/what have you with SPF
    Eye creams--like beauty products in general--are mostly bullshit. But! The skin around them is delicate, thus demanding special precautions against the sun and its unquenchable appetite for destroying you. Just be careful because anti-sun ingredients feel like anti-eyeball ingredients if applied incorrectly.
  6. 6.
    Tan towels
    Just because you resent the sun's consumptive malice doesn't mean you like being see-through. An old friend/makeup artist recommended tan towels for right after winter, when her legs are a Pantone swatch of "eight months indoors." You can use them before bed and wake up credibly less pale (they won't stain your sheets), though they can also be applied a few hours in advance of whatever you need a tan for (surf photography?). They're not pricey, won't make you orange and don't smell bad.