According to Wikipedia, the film Troy is "loosely based" on Homer's Iliad. Since all translation is interpretation, here are the most striking creative decisions. Also: it's worth noting I have not seen this movie since 2004.
  1. The storied "rage of Achilles" is inspired by the tragic death of his... little cousin.
  2. ...
  3. [Ed. Note: Admittedly, Patrokylus is played by famously handsome actor Garrett Hedlund and cousins were a more viable option back then]
  4. Achilles loooooooves Briseis
    ...Instead of all this Agamemnon shit being mainly a matter of principal.
  5. Ajax: easy enough to kill (despite his legendary abilities with respect to avoiding that)
    For that matter: Agamemnon too.
  6. Achilles subsists on a diet of lean protein such as grilled chicken, egg whites, nuts and seeds.
  7. ...
  8. The Iliad would be more satisfying it were also the Aeniad