Favorite Animals In Order Of Psychosexual Development

Maps hilariously and unintentionally, I'd say!
  1. Literally any animal
  2. Literally every animal
  3. Any animal... So long as it's not uncanny to imagine said animal talking
  4. Dogs
    (Except the super mainstream ones like labs and golden retrievers)
  5. Horses
  6. Killer whales
  7. Wolves
  8. Lions
    Not mountain lions though. Fuck mountain lions!
  9. Dragons
    Specifically Sean Connery but also Flight of Dragons and various dragon YA novels.
  10. Wolves
    (But more realistic now)
  11. Wolf-dog hybrids with no less than 97% wolf genes
  12. LIONS
  13. ORCA
  14. Arabian Oryx
    So dope for a deer!
  15. (Horses started being cool again around here)
  16. Dragons
    A lifelong love affair!
  17. [Long gap with no sustained animal favoritism]
  18. Pigs
    This gif is pretty awful though.
  19. Hairless cat
    No other cats. Not even sure if I mean this one. They're sort of horrible.
  20. Anything but birds really