Favorite Recurring Odb Aliases at Exactly This Moment in Time

you could ask tomorrow and this list would probably be pretty different
  1. Dirk Hardpec
  2. Freeloading Rusty
  3. The Man of All Rainbows
  4. Osiris
  5. Osiris the Father
    ("the father")
  6. Peanut the Kidnapper
  7. Osirus
  8. Joe Bananas
  9. Big Baby Jesus
  10. Sweet Baby Jesus
  11. Big Box O' Chili
    wait why is the chili in a box
  12. Ol' Dirt Schultz
  13. Barney Kool Breeze
  14. The Bebop Specialist
  15. Blunted Sultan
  16. Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant
  17. The Professor
  18. Little Billy Clinton
  19. Super Bastard