I've never seen Grey Gardens! Sure, I know it's about two reclusive eccentrics in a dilapidated WASP's nest and I'm familiar enough to understand references elsewhere in pop culture but then I told @jeremysomething I'd never actually watched it so he flipped the fuck out before renting it immediately. Here are my feelings as I experienced them.
  1. Both these ladies remind me of Mike D, which is great.
  2. Cool windmill
  3. Want to read more old newspapers
    Especially scandalous stories!
  4. This is different from what I thought it would be
  5. Oh my god
  6. This is insane
  7. This is campier than Mayor Quimby reading the zodiac with a magnifying glass in a makeshift sunsuit.
  8. I don't understand any of this.
  9. [Pause for @jeremysomething to put on closed captions]
  10. This explains a lot of drag I haven't understood previously.
  11. Oh my god this is so bleak they are so crazy
  12. I'm realizing cats feature too-prominent and unfairly in GG's pop cultural placement
  13. Cats seem REALLY secondary here
  14. It would be super shitty always having to consider the Catholic Church's opinion on everything.
  15. Or anything ever
  16. ...Is this how they sleep?
  17. Big Edie's casual meanness is pretty heartbreaking ("Why didn't you put on lipstick? You look har-ih-bull!")
  18. Can't handle the liver pâté scene/have to stop
  19. Striking that this has been framed as a voyeuristic jaunt through rotten Camelot led by crazy cat ladies when it seems waaaay more like a grim portrait of mental illness.
  20. And the corresponding codependence.
  21. Okay granted this is a shitload of cats
  22. Love Jerry
  23. She cooks corn from bed
  24. Some of this can only be explained if Little Edie doesn't know what raccoons are/do
  25. /eat
  26. I like how everything in this house can be a utensil if it's nearby
  27. I need a break
  28. I'm taking a break
  29. [There are 28 minutes remaining as of this morning]