Eh, no presh though. Live your life.
  1. Lolita
    JAY-SUS. If 99% of pop culture is any indication, no one fucking knows what this book is about. Either that or it's just an unsettling coincidence the eponymous loooooooong suffering 12-year-old rape victim's name has become synonymous with "kid I'd like to fuck." Maybe we should all revisit?
  2. Los Angeles Plays Itself
    Los Angeles gets hilariously outsized amounts of hate. This absolutely delightful documentary presents a strong (and charmingly crotchety) counter argument that a lot of what's held against the city is actually an ungenerous misread of what makes LA singular and great. Oh, and it's also a casual reminder that three of the best films of their respective decades (Chinatown, Blade Runner & LA Confidential, preach) aren't just set here but about being here too.
  3. Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club
    This is sort of a cop out, insofar as it's just music for anyone who likes music.