Now that I've recovered from all the excitement and whiskey, I've picked up the pieces and believe these to represent my personal highlights from Thursday's truly delightful List App Live at @ucbcomedy. The following were but a few favorite moments in a stellar evening that should ideally happen all the time.
  1. @Ders808's whole entire breathtakingly funny imagining of his friendship with the late Paul Walker
    The especially literary detail about the two of them together, sprawled out on their stomachs in the grass, exchanging drawings, feet kicking eagerly behind 😍
  2. "Horse with a dick on its head." -@joannfabrics
  3. "Pyramid scheme." -@Waz channeling Joseph Anthony Fabric, CEO of @joannfabrics
  4. @dfly meeting 100% of expectations and somehow also exceeding the shit out of them with dizzying speed before our very eyes
    Fuck you @dfly
  5. Christ you too
  6. The unobtrusive dulcet heckling of AV liaison @Nicholas
    "You've got tenure."
  7. The slightly obtrusive parts where @Nicholas' shit kept blowing up
    If you have @Nicholas' # and don't text him constantly to tell him he's handsome, I feel *...sorry* for you.
  8. No for real everyone who read was great and everyone who attended was psyched to be there
    @list! Do this again! @bjnovak you are the best host!
  9. ...The night did take a bit of a turn with @msalisonpill's horrifying first date shit story though
    Fantastically told but upsettingly visceral!