I've not seen Batman vs Superman but based on the few contrarian positive reviews, its ethos sounds something like paranoid bros arguing Nietzsche sans context and twisted up with Rand like so much joyless fro-yo in two stiff latex nipples. If we insist on calling this Philosophy (with the capital), here are some other things that now also count.
  1. Snapple caps
  2. Wondering out loud if the end justifies the means
  3. Grammatically cogent Jaden Smith tweets
  4. Rust Cohl's imagined observations of absolutely anything
    "I got a bad growth on my ass right here. Down here. If you look long and hard you'll see a specter of the Black Death itself. Bu-bon-ick plague, what that is. Plain as the abyss."
  5. Small children's observations of absolutely anything
  6. Unspecific ponderousness
  7. This
  8. This
  9. Absolutely ANY explication of Plato's allegory of the Cave offered on the internet, no matter how ridiculous
  10. This
  11. Nearly all fortune cookies, provided the opener is drunk or high at time of opening
    (Even just very full)
  12. Shit.
    This too.
  13. Putting one of those Little Thinker finger puppets every Liberal Arts major seems to own on one's finger and doing a passing impersonation of relevant Thinker
    "When you reach up into the Abyss, the Abyss reaches up into you!"
  14. Reasonably self-aware bumper stickers
    Including Nietzsche Fish, etc
  15. Any story featuring any kind of supernatural beings
    Aliens/vampires/mutants, etc are all great shorthand for marginalized groups and, more importantly, using stuff metaphorically is now richly philosophical. (Careful using vampires as a stand-in for gays though! Uncomfy!)
  16. Garfield Without Garfield
    Actually, this is overdue.