Val Killer's Greatest Contributions to Art, Culture, Humanity, Etc

Obviously not in order because that would be impossible.
  1. Being the greatest swordsman
  2. True Romance's hallucinatory Elvis impression
  3. Real Genius
  4. This moment
    Every time Maverick goes up in the air, he's dangerous. Someone has to tell him.
  5. ...This one too
  6. Providing much-needed stability in Bad Lieutenant 2: Port of Call New Orleans
  7. The Spartan DVD commentary
    Don't fuck with Val Kilmer if your name is David Mamet, turns out.
  8. Gay Perry
  9. Pulling off that sarong in Island of Dr Moreau
    Hybridized cannibal man-beasts are no excuse to stop keeping it tight.
  10. Top Secret
    Speaking of keeping it tight...
  11. Killing those albino lions
    (Man needs bridges)
  12. Cinema's #1 John Henry Holliday
    "I have two guns... one for each of you."