As a general rule, never trust a homeschooler on pronunciation... but take extra precaution if the homeschooler had a debilitating stutter and said "hyper-bowl" until college.
  1. Simulacrum
  2. Archipelago
  3. Isthmus
  4. Preternaturally
    Tangentially, I don't seem to have a problem with "preternatural."
  5. Concupiscence
    (This almost never comes up)
  6. Modicum
  7. Foyer
    I tend to meet both accepted pronunciations in the middle and end up saying "foy-YARE." Having my entranceway and using it, too, I guess.
  8. Debonair
  9. Mimesis
  10. Bourgeois
  11. Bourgeoisie
  12. Concatenate
    Even though I'm doing it RIGHT NOW.