Coconut Oil Tips and Tricks

So I fell for the craze and bought coconut oil, now I need your help, what cool things do you use coconut oil for? I'm in great need of advice because I have no idea what magical things it can be used for!
  1. here it is 🙌🏻 , excuse my messy desk
  2. Use it as a deep conditioner over night
    I don't put it directly on my roots often, because it's hard to get out and makes my hair feel too oily even after a wash. I apply it to the rest of my hair, then throw it up in a bun and wear a plastic night cap to bed (the ones from hotels). Shampoo in am.
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  3. Lotion! Works great right out of the shower
    Melts very fast in your hands and you don't need much, so start with a 1/2 TBSP at a time.
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  4. Sometimes I put a tablespoon into a smoothie. It makes the smoothie more filling and adds a great coconutty taste. Delicious!
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  5. Works as a natural deodorant
    My friends swear by it
    Suggested by   @margaretyoko
  6. If you get really bad chapped lips in the winter, it works wonderfully as a Chapstick. Also, if you mix some shimmer eyeshadow or pigment into a small amount of oil, it's a good natural highlighter!
    Suggested by   @okayerin
  7. Oil pulling! Aka a natural teeth whitener. I gargle a teaspoon around for 5-10 minutes. Works beautifully. (Tastes awful)
    Suggested by   @SpaceCase
  8. update: i basically just covered my entire body with it and i feel so silky its pretty great