the things i go through on a daily basis
  1. i reward myself for waking up for my 9 am class by taking a nap directly after its over
  2. i tell myself i won't buy coffee for the fourth time this week as i see the campus starbucks in the corner of my eye
  3. having a cancelled class, where i tell myself i'm going to get ahead of my work but instead i sleep for a good 7+ more hours
  4. i call my mom every time i feel weird about walking around campus alone so i try to fill the awkwardness by talking on the phone
  5. i spend so much time with my roommate it feels as if i've known her for so much longer (its freaky, ok)
  6. the second i have the opportunity to go home for the weekend i take it (can't miss an opportunity to lay in my bed and see my dogs)
  7. i think i'll eventually go out to bars and make some "crazy college memories" but then i think about how many mistakes could form from that and decide its better to just prepare for the trillion exams i have coming up
  8. i think about future life and then get upset because i don't know what i want from life