ListAppers are gonna love this book.
  1. The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande
  2. The premise: checklists are super important and you should be using them.
  3. Why?: because our world has grown increasingly complex and the stuff we are expected to remember in our brains is literally impossible. So we forget stuff for the simple reason that there's a lot of shit going on all at once.
  4. And sometimes this is really dangerous. Like if you're a surgeon, or an airline pilot.
  5. But even if your job doesn't endanger the lives of others, checklists are proven methods to improve performance and productivity.
  6. Our attitude towards checklists has been to think they're too rigid and take away creative thought. But only bad checklists do this.
  7. Good checklists "get the dumb stuff out of the way, the routines your brain shouldn't have to occupy itself with." Good checklists leave room for thinking and growing and thriving.
  8. We tend to want the people who have achieved really great things to have done so because of their own inner heroism or special talents.
  9. But we tend to overlook those who achieved awesome things because of teamwork and following protocol.
  10. Checklists allow both of these types to thrive and be successful.
  11. And because of Gawande's work in developing a surgical checklist for the World Health Organization, deaths as a result from surgical complications fell 47%. Because of a checklist.