Yesterday I met Ronaldo, who was my waiter and a contender for Best Human Ever Award: WHY RONALDO IS THE BEST WAITER I'VE EVER HAD, AND ALSO PROBABLY THE BEST PERSON
  1. And tonight, I had to work a fundraising event for work.
    The life of someone who works for a nonprofit is crappy computers and fundraising events.
  2. I was telling my coworker the story of Ronaldo and shared his philosophy with her.
  3. To refresh: "it is that the past you cannot change, and the future you do not know what will happen. All you have is right now, so happiness is the best thing."
    We both agreed that this is very simple, but probably actually very true.
  4. We had just finished discussing Ronaldo when the emcee comes to talk to us. He's an older man, extremely Southern, and he's wearing a large red cowboy hat.
  5. He asked if we were having a good time, we said yes.
  6. He then says, "Good! That's all you have in this world, to be happy."
  7. And then proceeds to repeat Ronaldo's philosophy nearly verbatim.
  8. He says "the past is already gone, and you don't know what tomorrow brings, so today is all you have and its best to enjoy it and be happy."
  9. My coworker and I just stared at each other.
  10. So in 12 hours time, I've had a 70-something Latino man and a 70-something Southern dude in a cowboy hat tell me the SAME THING.
  11. Is this a sign? Is the universe telling me I need an attitude adjustment? Am I being passed this message so that I can share it with the world?
  12. So here you go, world. The Secret to Happiness is, apparently, living in where you are right now. And being adorable in your 70s.