My parents don't get out much. When they do, it's hilarious.
  1. "He sniffed the internet all the way to Louisville."
  2. "Which route should we take?" "I don't know, there are so many options!" "How is that one quickest when it's 10 minutes longer?"
  3. "A train had been here recently." "How do you know that?" "It left its tracks!"
  4. Stop touching me, go touch yourself!"
  5. "The neighbor's bathroom..." "Why have you seen the neighbor's bathroom?" "I looked through the window."
  6. They give you snacks at the end of the trail?
  7. In the beautiful Pisgah National Forest, do you think they're all Piscopalians here?
  8. "You need to turn left." "No, I need to go left!"