Inspired by @celesteballard, things I think I'm gonna try out in 2016
  1. Vegetarianism/veganism
    I've done this before and loved it. But now I'm food lazy.
  2. Shitty mystery/crime novels
    Guilty pleasure is Dan Brown's Robert Langdon novels. I've always wanted to read Interview with a Vampire and Patricia Cornwell novels too.
  3. Yoga
    Like, regular yoga. I have a "practice" yoga.
  4. Taking walks.
  5. Generating less trash.
    I want to take some tips from and do more bulk shopping, DIYing, and consuming less.
  6. Going to the library
    I have too many books for my current shelving situation. Also I spend a lot of money on books. Christ on a bike, I used to work at library. I know how to use them.
  7. Local history.
    I have a dream to write histories of some of my favorite buildings in downtown Augusta. But I don't know how to research or write history so time to do some exploring.