1. Hallmark Creations
    I worked as a sales associate here for like 3 years. Surprisingly I am not amazing at wrapping presents.
  2. Woodlawn UMC
    Possibly the best job I've ever had. Part time still, but felt like a real job. I was the front office admin / bookkeeper / designer for a tiny church. Mrs. Sue, eternally grumpy, sat with me every day. I left this job to go to grad school.
  3. Graduate instructor, U of Mississippi
    Fun but exhausting. I had a sexist lead professor who was genuinely surprised that I gave a good lesson when he (finally, once) observed my teaching. Lots of students who drove waaaaay better cars than me. Best typo in a paper: "The Slaughtering of Vagrant Dongs."
  4. Tutor
    Tutored three homeschooled siblings ages 6-17, in all subjects. Quit after just a few months, when I realized the mother was using me at the kids' teacher and not just a tutor.
  5. Circulation Desk "Librarian"
    I thought this job was gonna be golden. First job out of grad school, I made 25¢ over minimum wage. I sat at the circulation desk and wasn't allowed to leave, even to do other jobs like shelve or help patrons. Gossipy staff, disengaged management. The only good thing was that staff doesn't get charged late fees and can renew as many times as they want.
  6. Wesley UMC
    First "real" job, ironically doing the same thing I was doing BEFORE I went to grad school. Graphic design, admin work, website and social media management, coordinating 20+ mission organizations. Coolest thing was getting to go to Nicaragua.
  7. Marketing & Executive Coordinator at a non-profit Food Bank
    They literally combined two full time positions to make my job. I do everything. There are a lot events. A lot of sucking up to big donors. My boss misuses emojis.