Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My mom used to sell vintage clothing, and always had big hauls of old clothing in bags she would pick up at estate sales and such.
  2. One day, she brought home a massive load of beautiful Victorian-era baby and toddler clothing. Think Christening gowns, white underclothes, etc.
  3. Clothes that old are too delicate to wash in the machine, so she'd often use her guest bathroom tub to soak garments overnight. Which is what she did with these Victorian children's clothes. She puts them in to soak overnight to get the age stains out.
  4. Now, we don't have any young children in our family. My mom's friend's children are all teenagers or older. Nobody younger than 15 had been in my mom's house in years.
  5. But. After soaking those clothes, a tiny, toddler-size handprint appeared on her guest bathroom wall, behind the door, at about hip level.
  6. It was perfectly formed, if faint. We tried placing our hands over it in various positions to see if we could have accidentally made the hand print, but nothing worked. It was a perfect tiny handprint, the kind you see done with fingerpaint or in clay.
  7. And behind the door, that low? Who would've or could've done that?
  8. Victorian ghost toddler, that's who.