At our staff Christmas party yesterday, we played a game where we wrote nice things about each other and anonymously placed them in each other's "compliment cup." It felt good.
  1. "Artistic"
    Not true but thanks!
  2. "You are super creative."
  3. "Love the excitement you bring to [the office]."
  4. "Energized, spiritual, funny."
    If by spiritual you mean I say "Christ" a lot under my breath; then yes. Yes I am.
  5. "Your humor and practicality help put a smile on all our faces even when things get...zany at work. 😀 You are the coolest!"
    I know who wrote this and I like her even more now.
  6. "Awesomely bubbly"
    My coworkers at my last job would not believe this was about me (but it IS).
  7. "Ashley underestimates herself. Her work might be behind the scenes but we know we would ALL be lost without her!"
    I want this person to write my performance reviews.
  8. "You are amazing for all you do! I just wanted you to know that [we are] incredibly blessed to have you!"
    This one is awesome because I got it in an email after the party.