1. Everyone will be asking "how was your Christmas?" all day.
    Can we just agree this social nicety is pointless and move on? Everyone is going to say "Great!" even if it wasn't and nobody wants to hear how your Christmas was, anyway.
  2. I have a lot of lounging left in me.
    I did not do nearly enough lounging.
  3. I just started Season 1 of Criminal Minds and I need several more hours to listen to Gideon's growling man voice.
  4. I've got, like, 8 more hours on my Harry Potter audiobook and Jim Dale is killing it.
  5. I still have some books I got for Christmas last year I haven't read yet.
  6. There's a really urgent knitting project I need to finish.
  7. I need to do a mud mask. And get a pedicure.
  8. I'm gonna need at least a full day to start tackling these New Year's Resolutions.