I got my Secret Santa gift yesterday! Thank you much @miranda !!! I love everything so much!
  1. Adorable complimentary socks, which I will probably remove my shoes repeatedly to show off to people who would rather I didn't do that thing.
  2. A lovely gardenia soy candle. I feel pretty and fancy now. Also I'm totally reusing this tin for something once the candle is spent.
  3. A canvas makeup bag that speaks #truth
  4. Her favorite book, in a collected works volume!
    And no, I haven't read it!! In my Victorian Lit class we only read The Duchess of Padua which seems like a weird choice for Wilde but oh well. I never returned to The Picture but now I will!
  5. An adorable note card that I will refuse to give away and instead use it as a bookmark.
  6. A sweet note with several helpful NYC tips!
  7. PS in her note she used 7 colored pens, said she loves Kanye West, cheese, traveling, Broadway, reading, and "moderate (not too intense or scary) outdoor activities" so I feel like we have a lot in common.
  8. Thank you so much, Miranda! I love everything!!!