Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. He wanted to take me to Atlanta to hear Rob Bell speak.
    2 hour drive from Augusta.
  2. A few days before he asks if we can take my car because his is crappy.
    Mine is just as crappy and I don't want to take mine. So he decides to get his repaired (sweet? Or just a good idea to keep your car repaired anyway?)
  3. We drive to Atlanta (in his car) super early the day of the show. He tells me he'll show me all his favorite places in town, maybe go to the High Museum, etc.
  4. We stop at a Starbucks for breakfast when we get to Atlanta.
  5. And then we drive a bit to another Starbucks.
  6. And then we go to the Macy's in Atlantic Station where he wants to look at bow ties and metrosexual sweater vests.
  7. And then it's time to meet his friends for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.
    Like, we're in Atlanta. There are a trillion other places to eat that aren't chain pizza restaurants in the middle of a shopping mall.
  8. Nobody tries at all to include me in their conversation at any point in the meal, including my date.
  9. I pay for my half at all of these places because he's hinted the whole time that dates are expensive.
  10. We go to the Rob Bell show and sit in our nosebleed seats.
  11. Afterwards we go to another cafe. Of course.
  12. When we start on the road I suggest stopping for gas. He says "no, it will be fine, my car gets awesome gas mileage."
  13. On the way home he hits something in the road.
    I don't know if it was already dead or if he killed it.
  14. Later his car makes that telling knocking sound, and stops moving.
    Because it's out of gas.
  15. He's convinced the animal he hit on the road screwed up his car, so he calls his father.
    It's like 2 am at this point and we're still not even halfway home.
  16. A truck driver pulls over and offers to fill up his tank for us.
  17. At this point I've had like 80 cups of coffee so I have to pee.
    I pee in the ditch by the highway and when he sees the amount I've peed, he says "wow," like I should be ashamed of the amount of urine my body has made after we've spent all day in coffee shops.
  18. His dad arrives to the scene. Pissed. Because we're out of gas.
  19. After an awkward father-son argument about how to tell you car is out of gas, we take his father's car to the next exit to buy gas and a gas tank.
  20. We ride home in awkward silence and I can tell that he's thinking "this will be a funny story to tell at our wedding!"
    And I was obviously not.