Inspired by @ChrisK
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    These kinds of things are why I love the Internet. This and Humans of New York--that one time he rallied the Internet and that one inner city kid got to meet Obama? The Internet is worth it.
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    I'm a reader. Christ on a bike I love books. I get a little wild eyed in libraries and used bookstores. It would thrill me if you'd send me a copy of your favorite book. Bonus points if there's an inscription!
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    I love to travel, but don't do enough of it. I would love to learn about your city. Send me something unique or specific to where you live!
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    My coworkers call me "Hippie" (as in chick, not the body part) and Wednesday Addams. Those are both fairly accurate nicknames.
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    The nerd subcultures I identify with are Trekkies, Whovians, and Muggles.
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    From 6th grade through my sophomore year of college, the career I most wanted to pursue was forensic pathology. I didn't stick with the science track long enough to become one, but I still think it would have been a good career for me.
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    Related: when I die, I have willed my body to the Forensic Anthropology Center at UT Knoxville. Look it up (or don't, if you're squeamish).
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    I love all things anatomy. It grosses my husband out but whenever I have x-rays taken, I have them printed and framed.
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    I like to try new hobbies as often as possible. I now know how to knit, bike, camp, cross stitch, garden, and take fair to middling pictures all because I tried them on whims.
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    I've been to Nicaragua twice to volunteer with Corner of Love ( I'm not in the medical field and my Spanish isn't great, but I'm really good at running an intake table, dammit.
    Cool story: during my first trip, I spent some time playing with some kids and talking with them. This pissed one of my teammates off, as she thought I should have been doing something else. It made me feel bad, as I knew it was important to make these kids feel like we cared about more than just their health, but I also felt a little guilty for not "working" in the traditional sense. During my second trip, I saw two of these same kids again. They remembered my name.
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    You should know about me that I get really excited about presents. Big, small, doesn't matter. I love getting and giving presents. It's my love language, along with back rubs and naps.