1. 😳Manage my stress/anxiety better
  2. 🛩Take a flight with my husband somewhere
  3. 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏻👸🏻👸#CampBlogGirls #FatCamp #SrpingBreak!
  4. 🤑Pay off all credit card debt
  5. 🚿Tackle some home improvement projects
  6. 🏅Make my doctor proud of my progress at my yearly physical.
  7. 📙Read a lot of good books
  8. 👵🏻Learn to embroider
  9. 🍓Learn to can
  10. 🌶Grow a good spring garden
  11. 🚲Sightsee in my own city
  12. 🍅Eat a crap ton of vegetarian/vegan meals
  13. 😕Come to terms with some shit I can't change
  14. 💪Go to the gym and get some of my strength back. Also cardio I guess.
  15. 👍Just generally be a better person who makes better decisions and is just better