Albums that changed my life

Most of mine are tied to memories.
  1. Pretty Woman OST
    Listened to this on my portable cassette player on family road trips. Brings back those memories when I hear any of those songs.
  2. That Thing You Do OST
    This was the first CD I owned myself. Was given to me as a gift at some point. Fell asslep to if for months. Though i would always skip "mr downtown" because it sounded too scary to sleep to.
  3. Jewel Pieces of You
    My sister left this cassett in her bedroom when she left for college. This meant i finally had my own room for the first time. Found this cassette and listend to it constantly. First album that I really listened to a lot hat wasnt my parents music or what I considered "kids" music.
  4. Hamilton Soundtrack
    Super cliche right now, I know. But this is the first album in a long time that has affected me significantly. Genius.
  5. Ben Kweller Sha Sha
    Kind of out of nowhere with this one. But this was the first album i ever loved and had just found on my own. Picked up at a disc replay store and knew nothing about it. Took a chance.
  6. Hanson The Walk
    This album made me second guess my preconceptions. I thought i had an idea who Hanson was and I wasnt a huge fan when i was young. They came out with The Walk and completely changed my mind. They grew up and developed a sound and message that was all their own. This was also at a time when i stipped caring what others thought when choosing music and went into, "yeah. I am listening to hanson. What of it? You suck because you won't give them a second chance." mode.