1. Remember that scene in The Office when Kelly thinks she got a valentine from a secret admirer?
  2. "Roses are red, violets are blue." she reads excitedly.
  3. And then with confusion & some hesitation, "It's time for your dental cleaning & maybe a check up too."
  4. Ahhh, such disappointment.
  5. Well, I felt much of the same way on my birthday last week when I received a whole bunch of emails from stores I apparently have email subscriptions with.
  6. Bec online shopping = so many emails
  7. Anyways!
  8. Here are some emails I received on my birthday & the conclusion I came to & what it says about my current state of life. :)
  9. 1. Anthro - "Your birthday treat expires soon!"
    Two days BEFORE my birthday I get the email "your 15% off birthday treat expires soon!" Ok cool thanks.
  10. 2. Bala Yoga - "Happy Birthday Ashley"
    10% off merch. Signed "namaste"
  11. 3. Stitch Fix - "Happy Birthday from Stitch Fix!"
    I have yet to use them but nice of them to send greetings. No discounts or treats tho. Rude.
  12. 4. Birch box - "Happy Birthday, Ashley!"
    They promised they wouldn't sing (I kinda wish they would tho :/ ) & they offered $10 off & free shipping. I miss their subscription.
  13. 5. ESPN "Ash, happy birthday from ESPN!"
    How? Why? They called me Ash. I'm cracking up. Oh and 50% off their magazine. Lol. Also this dad joke - "you know you're having a good birthday when you get a penalty for excessive celebration!" (Who is in charge of these emails?)
  14. 6. Dentist - "Birthday wishes from your dentist"
    I love these guys. They sent me a card in the mail too with a handwritten note. We actually are more friends & invite them to all our family weddings. Unlike birch box they did sing to me in the email. :)
  15. All that to say - it made me smile to wake up and have MORE birthday emails from strangers who call me Ash than texts or calls from friends.
  16. I've been in a weird season the past year. Reevaluating friendships and past relationships. Can feel quite lonely at times.
  17. So as pathetic as it sounds, those birthday emails actually were a nice surprise. A sweet way to wake up.
  18. Don't get me wrong - I did hear from plenty of friends & family throughout the day. Who don't have a database that reminds them of their email subscribers' birthdays.
  19. And I know it won't always be this way. I'll figure things out in the coming years friendship wise. Hopefully. But for now, birthday emails are where it's at.
  20. 🎂🎉💌📧🎂🎉💌📧