Childhood Crushes, Disney Channel Original Movie Edition

Top 5, ranked!
  1. 5.
    Jordan Cahill from Stuck in the Suburbs
    Pop star w bleached hair ❣
  2. 4.
    Andy from Brink!
    Sk8r boi ❣
  3. 3.
    Brad from Cadet Kelly
    Not very memorable but look at those eyes ❣
  4. 2.
    Troy from HSM
    Let's be honest, everyone fell in love with Zac when this came out ❣
  5. 1.
    Dean from Motocrossed
    You guys. I was majorly in love with Dean. This was my favorite Disney channel movie BY FAR. Everyone else on this list fails in comparison to Dean Talon. ❣❣❣