So much work. So much sugar. So much tradition. :)
  1. I love this tradition of Christmas sugar cookies. We make several kinds of cookies every Christmas but these are fun to do with the little kids.
  2. My niece & I worked on these yesterday.
    She wanted to be twins so we wore our overalls, Christmas shirts & braids. :)
  3. Static
    Love my moms old copper cookie cutters.
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  5. Static
    Thanks to @celestestelle my secret santa for the cutest little cookie cutters. I die. Wait until you see how cute they turned out.
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  8. Static
    The cutest bite size cookies. 😍
  9. Then today I made gingerbread cookies. Used a big cut out I have & the tiny one above.
  10. You guys.
  11. Quite possibly the cutest cookies I've ever made. Ever.
  12. !!!
  13. So much sugar. I love this time of year.
  14. ❤️🍪❄️🎄⭐️⛄️💚