1. I'm so excited already. I love these kind of things. I've been known to be pretty determined in figuring out who my secret Santa is. I'll be watching... ;)
  2. First of all - @DawnCloud, you're truly amazing. Can't even imagine the work, time & spreadsheets that went into this. Thank you!
  3. Now to my Santa, don't be stressing cause i love everything (except cats). Just getting something that's fun in the mail is enough for me! :)
  4. A few specifics though to help ya out...
  5. . . . . .
  6. I love coffee! and mugs!
    And good origin stories - Mugs I Own & The Memories Attached
  7. Cookies & dark chocolate.
  8. Something from wherever your little spot in the world is.
  9. Books.
    Your all time favorite, new or old, memoirs, children's books...
  10. Pens.
  11. Anything to do with The Office, or Jane the Virgin or Gilmore Girls.
  12. Handwritten notes are sweet. Maybe your fave quote or poem?
  13. Chapstick or your fave lip stuff.
  14. Oh oh candles!
  15. Bath salts or bath bombs.
  16. Anything One Direction related.
    No shame.
  17. I love classic rom coms, anything Nora Ephron/Nancy Meyers, that type of genre.
  18. Anything to do with Christmas! I loooovvveee Christmas - a family holiday recipe or an ornament or just a Christmas card.
  19. My interests include - writing, photography & video, coffee, movies & good TV, the Seahawks, Jimmy Fallon, living by the water, good eats (send me your favorite recipe!), reading memoirs, golden retrievers, Paul Newman, Europe (esp Germany & London).
  20. I don't know what else to add but I honestly feel so weird putting this all up. It feels like a ton of info! I for real am SO great with a n y t h i n g ! I just feel lucky to be a part of Secret Santa this year.
  21. Thank you in advance! I love you already.
  22. ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚