Inspired by @bjnovak & @mindy. There are SO many more favorites. I am sure I'll add more.
  1. When Andy tells Dwight about him & Angela making out & she says "Ohhh D" and Andy assumes it's for An-DEE and Dwight gets excited be/c he knows she is saying D for Dwight.
  2. Asian Jim
  3. Kevin spilling his vat of homemade chilli. "It's probably the thing I do best."
  4. Any JAP air high-five ever
  5. Michael describing his flaws. "Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car."
  6. "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-CACHING!" 🦄👸🏼
  7. Michael drives up in convertible blasting Just Dance. "It's Britney, bitch."
  8. When Pam's mom visits and asks which one is Jim and we see Jim give an ever so slight smile.
  9. Just about every Ryan & Kelly moment. "Do you have a question, Kelly?" "Yea, I have a lot of questions. Number one: how dare you?" OR enter Kelly all glammed up - "Oh, is Ryan here today?"
  10. When Jan sings for Astrid. "Mommy you're a super star!"
  11. Stanley on pretzel day
  12. When Mrs. California accidentally calls Ryan "Brian." Cut to talking head - "Bitccchhh."
  13. It's Halloween and Creed shows up with a blood splattered shirt. "It's Halloween? Oh. Well that is really good timing."
  14. Jim & Pam listening to the iPod.
  15. Michael and Dwight try to stuff a Christmas tree through the office door. "Oh I got a splinter!" "Well suck it up, we all have problems."
  16. Michael's pep talk to Jim on the booze cruise
  17. Michael at home after quitting: "I have egg in my crocs."