You guys. Check this care package out.
  1. I was super spoiled in the care package festivities put on by @amieshmamie!
  2. See, I graduated college in June but am in no way a full blown adult right now. It's a struggling season. So I signed up for both sides but never received a name from Amie, so I thought maybe I was too late.
  3. Until this Friday night, when this ginormous, extravagant, expensive package showed up!
  4. (I had such a crazy busy weekend I am finally getting around to listing about it & thanking Bill @pili_ervin!)
  5. Seriously though...check this out!!!
  6. Static
  7. We've got cake! Oreos! candy! A darling journal and mini list book! popcorn! Starbucks card!! a plant! And mindy's book which is one of my faves but I don't own a hard copy of it!
  8. At first I was like, ice cream?!
  9. No. The most adorable baby plant. 😭
  10. Also airheads are my secret fave candy & banana laffy taffys & he included a TON.
  11. I was seriously giddy and couldn't stop laughing out of sheer joy as I opened this extravagant gift.
  12. Bill, you outdid yourself. Amie, thank you for organizing this.
  13. I just can't believe a stranger on the internet could be so dang generous. I feel so spoiled. This care package is everything happy and comforting and uplifting to me. THANK YOU!!!