1. Why. The. Freak. Was. It. Cancelled. ???!!!
  2. It's sooooo brilliant!!!
  3. I just finished watching all four seasons for the first time last night!
  4. And while the fourth season was not as good and totally different (as it was made years later) I still ate it up.
  5. This show is so so weird and hilarious. I am so obsessed with it.
  6. Oddly enough I think Lucille & Buster are my favorite characters.
  7. They make me laugh out loud every time. Tony Hale is so talented. & Jessica Walter is brilliant.
  8. But so many other characters & their arcs are hilarious. Maeby & her movie career! Tobias as a blue man! Gob & just about all his antics!
  9. I mean the writing in this show is unlike any other I've seen. I feel like some of my favorite shows probably drew from this show.
  10. Sooooo WHY did they cancel it?
  11. What am I missing?
  12. Was it the actors & conflicting schedules???
  13. I am so sad.
  14. I know there's talk of a fifth season. But honestly, why did it take so long?
  15. It took me forever to watch this show. I have no idea why.
  16. Then, thank you Netflix, I did.
  17. And it's so unique. And so funny. And so fascinating to me. And so absurd. But I am not ready to be done with the Bluths!!!
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