It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

  2. I've been sick the past couple days & was laying in bed trying to nap late afternoon yesterday. Then this little guy arrived. Eek!
    Fragile! It must be Italian! ;)
  3. @celestestelle - hey girl! You're amazing! Your gift was SO incredibly thoughtful. You read so many of my lists & really tailored this gift to me. I can't even thank you enough! I am blown away.
  4. First up look at these cute 🎄🎄🎄 confetties. My bed was full of them.
  5. She gave me seven gifts, each with a corresponding letter explaining the significance!
  6. Look at these gorgeously wrapped gifts!!!
  7. First up a Christmas CD with so many of my favorites. My car only plays CDs and I'm so tired of the christmas cd that's already in there so this is PERFECT.
  8. Second, she read my abbey road list & wrote me a list of her on the same AND found me a cd & coaster! I DO NOT own an actual physical Beatles cd so I am pumped!!!
  9. Third, she read my fave movie is About Time & so she got me this print of Ben Folds' music (he took this photo) of the song the movie was based on. Tears!!! 😭
  10. Next up, mug & coffee from where she lives. Mugs & coffee are two of my VERY favorite things & I LOVE the touch of having them be significant of where she's from. So cool!
  11. Omg pause and look at this velvet ribbon. I die.
  12. Next, a book! A Gilmore Girls book! A Gilmore Girls cookbook! Ahhhh!!! I was just looking at this on Amazon be/c I wanted it! Can't wait to try out some of these recipes.
  13. Look at this cute tiny package.
  14. My favorite Chapstick!!! How did you know, Celeste?! (No really, how did you know?) Literally just ran out too.
  15. Chocolates & darling cookie cutters! I'll post pics when I use them his week!
  16. Candle! The whole box smelled of this gorgeous candle haha. I lit it for my bath too & it is such a happy scent.
  17. Seriously @celestestelle - you went above & beyond. I am SO thankful! Thank you thank you thank you for being SO thoughtful. I loved all of your notes, all of the detail & thought that went into each gift. You're amazing.
  18. And @DawnCloud - you're a saint for putting this all together. Thank you!
  19. 💚 I am so happy. ❤️