Will anyone even see this? Haha.
  1. Since the last update where we saw the death of the relist button, the trending list & more, this app feels so quiet to me.
  2. Like I used to open Li.st and it felt like I entered a loud and raging party. Drinks were being passed out, music was loud & friends were piling in by the hundreds.
  3. Now I feel like it's a small, intimate cocktail party with the occasional burst of laughter.
  4. I am guessing this is because I don't follow enough people and am no longer seeing any relists. (Man I really miss relists!!!)
  5. Is the solution to simply follow more people?
  6. Or to just Li.st more? (Man I have so many drafts I need to just get over myself and publish!)
  7. Or do you all go to the activity page much?
  8. I miss the raucous family reunion vibes of Li.st. Does that ring true for anybody else?
  9. I really don't want to drift away from Li.st be/c it is full of amazing people & their amazing lists.
  10. Thoughts? Help a fellow Li.ster out! ❤️